Four Reasons for Your Child to Drink More Tap Water

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When it comes to their children’s health, parents want the best for them: nutritious food, fresh air, and safe drinking water. Because they are concerned about pollutants in tap
water, some parents only let their children drink bottled water or other types of easy-grab drinks. However, doing so may be damaging to youthful smiles.

Drinking water right out of the tap has a lot of benefits that you may have not considered. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to help your child have a healthy smile. Dr. Celeste A. Mensah recommends tap water for children for a lot of reasons, and some of them might surprise you.

Regulated Fluoride Levels

There’s nothing wrong with drinking bottled water, but it is missing one thing — consistent fluoride levels. Fluoride is an essential mineral for strong enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It’s found in foods all throughout the world, and it’s often added to municipal water supplies. Fluoride at controlled amounts strengthens teeth, especially during development.

An important element for tooth and bone health, fluoride is rarely found in bottled water or sports drinks. Drinking, brushing, and cooking with solely bottled water excludes your child from getting healthy doses of this essential mineral.

Sports Drinks Can Cause Dental Issues

Did you know that sports drinks include artificial sweeteners and sugars that cause tooth decay in the same way that excessive soda intake does? Several studies suggest that young athletes who use sports drinks have worse teeth decay than individuals who drink soda on a daily basis.

Even if your child is in good health, exercises regularly, and eats a well-balanced diet, a simple beverage like water is better for their teeth and for staying hydrated. Consider bringing fluoridated tap water to the gym or your child’s sporting activity the next time you’re headed out. It will not only help save them from serious tooth decay, but it will also save you a lot of money on avoidable dental treatment.

Tap Water is Stain-free

Tap water doesn’t stain your child’s teeth, clothes, or the seats of your car. Over time, juices, sodas, and other color-altered drinks will leave unsightly stains. If your child does drink any of these beverages, it’s important to make sure that they rinse afterward. Rinsing will help remove some of the staining age樂威壯
nts and the sugary film that’s left behind.

To keep your child’s smile healthy, stick to basic H2O.

Water Naturally Rinses Away Acids

Acid exposure to our teeth is increased by frequent snacking or drinking throughout the day. When we drink sugary drinks, the liquid covers our teeth, exposing them to acid on a regular basis.

After enough acid exposure, enamel begins to decalcify, soften, and degrade. It’s better to stick to water when your youngster is picking a drink between meals. Water is not only good for them, but it also cleanses their mouths while they drink it.

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