What are the advantages of Damon braces?

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Two new developments in orthodontics have revolutionized the way we straighten teeth. They are low friction bracket systems and TADS.

Damon braces have a metal enclosed slot so that rubber ligatures are not needed. This allows the wire to move without friction in the slot of the bracket. The teeth move faster and with less discomfort. And the system results in beautiful wide smiles that help your child be successful in life.

What are TADS?

This means “temporary anchorage devices”. Actually they are real small screws that can be painlessly placed in the bone near the teeth. This gives anchorage to move the teeth with much more precision than before.

As an example, they can be used to close spaces where permanent teeth are missing.

When should I bring my child for braces?

When you bring your child for regular dental visits your pediatric dentist will discuss developing orthodontic problems. An orthodontic evaluation should be done at every dental examination.

Some facial growth problems can be identified and corrected during the early years. This can help minimize the need for braces later on and give your child a more pleasing facial appearance as an adult.

Oral habits like tongue thrust, mouth breathing, thumb sucking and nail biting need to be addressed as early as possible.

Your pediatric dentist can do things to help guide the developing permanent teeth into the best positions. Most permanent teeth erupt between ages 6 and 12.

Braces can be placed on the permanent teeth when they erupt at the ages 10 to 12. Early treatment often makes this phase easier and it takes less time. And your child has a nicer smile from an earlier age.