Free Orthodontic Evaluations

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Make the most of your dental budget. Don’t settle for just a cavity exam. A child’s mouth is a dev犀利士
eloping system and all aspects need to be considered when you get an examination.

Everytime your child comes to Dr. Guy for a routine dental exam and cleaning you get a free orthodontic evaluation.

Dr. Guy looks at your child’s developing face. The panoramic radiograph shows the developing teeth–are they all there or are there extra ones, are they developing and erupting on schedule, are they going to erupt in the right place to provide a radiant smile. Dr. Guy evaluates how the upper and lower teeth fit together.

You find out as early as possible whether your child is going to need braces so you can plan ahead. Facial growth problems are identified early and measures to correct this are recommended before major problems develop. This can save on orthodontic costs later. Sometimes simple procedures done early can encourage permanent teeth to erupt in optimal positions, also saving money later.

Dr. Guy asks about oral habits that distort facial growth and dental eruption. Helpful tools for correction are provided.

Let us help you provide your child with a radiant smile with the least cost.