Commonly Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

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When should I bring my child for the first time to the dentist?

Call your pediatric dentist for your child’s first appointment about age one. The dentist will give you information on how to prevent early childhood caries. And it will be the beginning of a warm relationship with your child referred to by some as a “dental home.”

Why fix baby teeth?

Caries and broken teeth can cause dangerous infections in your child’s facial bones. Early loss of baby teeth can cause crowded and crooked permanent teeth.

When do the baby teeth come out?

The front teeth, the 8 incisors, exfoliate about age 6. The remaining baby teeth are lost about age 12. They are called “baby teeth” because of when they erupt, not when they come out.

Beautiful strong permanent teeth require good health during childhood. Can you explain why?

The permanent teeth begin forming in our mother’s womb. The front upper teeth that are so important in one’s smile form during the first few years of life. Most of the permanent teeth are finished forming well before age 12.

Illnesses, fever and poor nutrition during the early years can cause defects in the teeth that are cavity prone and sometimes unsightly. Our permanent teeth become a permanent record of our health during childhood. Healthy children usually have healthy teeth.